SERVER LAST SEEN: 01/06/2024 22:05:36
Server rules

Play fair

No cheating, duping, flying, or hacking of any sort will be tolerated.

Base raiding

This is a PVE server. Other player's bases are off limits even if they aren't protected by an LCB.

Player property

  1. Backpacks drop on death. If a player dies please leave their backpack alone. Don't touch what isn't yours.
  2. Unlocked vehicles that don't belong to you are off limits.


Do not use boxes or gyros to hop fences or walls of other player bases.


Griefing of any sort will result in a permanent ban. Including spending horde night at another player's base without their permission.

Placing land claim blocks

  1. Do not claim highways or main roads. Small paths and empty side roads are okay.
  2. You may only claim one POI per town/city.
  3. You may not claim POIs used for quests.